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Medicare and You Guide Book 2019

Medicare and You Guide Book 2019 – Medicare Overview

Every year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) releases an updated handbook called Medicare and You. And now that we have just entered another year, a guide book for 2019 is already available. Current and future Medicare beneficiaries can use it for their reference when they want to learn more information about their healthcare coverage. How to access the Medicare & You 2019? Individuals who are currently enrolled in Medicare will automatically receive a printed copy of the guide book. It should arrive in the recipient’s mailing address by the end of October 2018. For those who haven’t received the Medicare & You 2019 copy, they can request for it by calling the Medicare Customer Care 1-800-MEDICARE. Whether you are enrolled or not in this program, you can still view and download the electronic version of Medicare & You 2019 which is accessible in the Medicare website. The information you can get from the Medicare & You 2019 • A new update has been released in which Medicare beneficiaries will receive a new Medicare card together with your Medicare Number. This time, your Social Security Number in this card is replaced by a unique number to keep your information safe whenever that card is lost. You are also advised to destroy that old card to secure your details. • The Medicare & You 2019 is also a helpful tool for the new beneficiaries of Medicare or to individuals who are considering to check other options that are not available in the Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B). It states information about Medicare Part D prescription drugs, Medicare Advantage (Part C), and Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap). • It is also essential for those who are interested in being a part of the Medicare program to know the dates of enrollment periods as well as the sign-up process so that they can prepare in advance. The handbook also shares the details about how it works whenever it partnered with private insurance like employer coverage. • It is every beneficiary’s right to learn about the out-of-pocket costs of the program despite your expectation that the government funds it. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of services that are covered by Medicare. Beneficiaries should also be aware of these items. • Medicare & You 2019 also shares details about Medicare Savings Programs. It states the useful resources for the beneficiaries so they’ll know the kind of assistance they’ll get or medical costs covered by the program. • Each Medicare beneficiary must exercise their rights so, it is crucial to note them in the handbook. It will also guide them on the steps to do when they are facing issues regarding fraud and identity theft. You will also find from that guide the answers to frequently asked questions as well as the contact information of State Health Insurance Information Programs (SHIPs), a free counseling offered by Medicare that helps the beneficiaries understand their coverage, The handbook will also help you understand the Medicare terms by listing them in a glossary of definitions so that it will be easy for you to look up the meaning of a specific word.


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